Frequently asked questions
Can't find the answer to your question? Feel free to contacut us, we are always ready to assist you with any question you may have in mind.

What is it?

It is universal audio gate which allows you to record your voice or other audionotes. It has automatic mode to dispatch them on your services, blogs, emails and so forth. The list of "outputs" will constantly replenish.

What is good for?

At last it lets your fine voice be heard. It is also convenient to leave notes without the Internet connection. In difference from text records, it is possible to record'em chorus or with accompaniment ;)

From where I can make calls?

Any telephone sets, including fixed-line and skype are at present available.

That's all?

Besides, there is a possibility to record via browser, it is also possible to send previously recorded file to an e-mail address or to upload it via the web interface. Some more entry points are planned.

How to call from fixed-line phone?

Pretty same as with usual one, just don't forget entry country and city code so our system correctly recognize you. Becouse there's a lot of countries, and furthermore cities, you know :)

How to call from Skype?

Add skype user 'voxxes' to your contact list. The user will allow to add himself then he will attentively listen to you.

Why there is no service/social network.. ?

Most likely this network isn't really popular, or the rules forbids placement of links from third-party resources.

When there will be an app for Blackberry/bada/symbianOS/iPhone/etc?

A bit later. Now there is an Android app. iOS app is now under tests.

My country/city is not present on list.

Use next :) and/or drop us a letter, we will look what we can make with that.

Whether the translation into .. is planned?

If you help, undoubtedly.

How do I remove the account?

Not yet done. Contact us.

Why should I trust you my passwords?

You shouldn't. The majority of services uses oauth authorization which doesn't mean transfer of passwords and allows to withdraw a subscription at any time. For services not supporting this technology, for example livejournal, we are compelled to demand the password. Such passwords are stored in AES-256 crypto.

How I can help the project?

Financially (below there is a button for donations) and morally (tell about us to friends).

What's maximum duration of record?

At alpha testing length of one record is limited to 10 minutes.

Whether there is a possibility of "return" of the dispatched record?

Such opportunity isn't present. Yet.

Whether speech recognition and transfer in text form is planned?

It is rather heavy and crude functionality. It's often do the mistakes or in general can recognize nothing.

Whether free number for dialing is planned?

Free numbers not absolutely free, it's paid by the dialed side. As soon as the project reach self-sufficiency, we will look back to such feature.

I want settings for..

Safely send us all your wishes and suggestions.

It is always occupied!

We fixedly watch number of lines, and in the near future we will increase their count.